Christmas food

I fall for it every year: the excuse to buy all manner of delicious food, from glossy marrons glacés to fiercely expensive jamon de bellota (you could enjoy a long weekend away for the price of a whole leg). The cupboards are already groaning with things that I think will be vital to the Christmas table. The cheese (mainly for Boxing Day and the week after-who can manage cheese with the turkey and pudding?) is ordered from The Courtyard  Dairy. There must be a baby Stilton or slab of Stichelton, a Vacherin, a hunk of Cheddar and a soft goat’s cheese. I have chutney and sweet chilli jam already made but I can recommend Dukeshill chutneys-especially the Yorkshire Pickle and Christmas Fruit Chutney. Which brings me on to The Christmas Ham. A few years ago cooking the ham was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so I now order from Dukeshill. This year, as I’m not feeding a small army I’m plumping for their Tuscan style Baby Hams. However, they have Wiltshire and York hams and a fab porchetta joint to tempt. Inverawe smoked salmon or trout is consistently good-I like the balance of salt and oiliness. If you want some Christmas stocking and present ideas for your nearest and dearest sybarite, try The Fine Food Specialist and Souschef. As I’ve made my own chocolates this year (recipe to follow) I’m not ordering in, but William Curley chocolate are hard to beat. Eat, drink and be merry.