Istor Knife sharpener

Keeping your knives sharp is one of the most important kitchen jobs  -and one which few people do. Not only is it dangerous to slice and chop with a blunt implement, it takes twice as long. In almost every kitchen I work, both in a professional and private capacity,  the knives don’t cut (sorry) the mustard. Carting round a chef’s steel to sharpen knives is not often practical so this little gem is one of the most important pieces of equipment I own. It sharpens knives beautifully and you don’t need any skill to use it. It’ll give a sharp edge to most things -scissors, secateurs, loppers etc. The model pictured is about 15 years old and shaped slightly differently from the sharpeners sold now but the principle is the same. It costs about £18-20 from and Lakeland -money well spent IMO.