Maldon salt

It might seem strange to recommend a salt when every bit of health advice warns us of the dangers of a high sodium diet but, I think a little sprinkle of Maldon salt is transformative and, don’t forget, salt is essential for life. The way I see it, if you are cooking from scratch you can see how much salt is going into the food and therefore you can control the quantities. On the other hand, a ready meal or takeaway is usually loaded with hidden salt (and sugar for that matter, but that’s for another day). It is all very well having the nutritional info on packaging but most people don’t know what any of it means, especially when it comes to sodium vs. salt intake.

For me, salt brings out the flavour of food-as long as you are not too heavy-handed. The perfect example of this is the way plain chocolate is brought to life with the addition of a hint of salt-but it has to be Maldon. I like nothing better than a plate of steamed vegetables unadorned save a drizzle of olive oil and a pinch of Maldon salt. Or try some crunchy radishes eaten the French way-with some unsalted butter and a few flakes of Maldon. Finally, the humble tomato sandwich: good bread, unsalted butter, sun-drenched tomatoes (preferably home-grown) and Maldon salt. Nothing simpler and nothing better.